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foxton locks

Foxton Locks – a fabulous family day out in Leicestershire

Foxton Locks, located approximately five miles of Market Harborough, is a fun day out for all the family whatever the weather.

This unique landmark of Britain’s waterways has a to offer, from the famous 10-lock rise to vibrant narrowboats and the all new BoilerHouse virtual history experience.

All of this while surrounded by some of the most beautiful country side vistas Leicestershire has to offer.

Foxton Lock BoilerHouse experience

The BoilerHouse is Foxton Locks’ brand new visitor attraction, allowing visitors to experience the famous 10 lock incline via the magic of virtual reality.

This allows you to step back in time and see in remarkable clarity exactly how boats used to travel up the hill.

The BoilerHouse uses the very latest digital technology so you can stand right alongside the incline and interact with the boats using your smartphone or tablet.

Originally, the building was home to the boiler and mechanical workings that powered the Caissons (barge containers) up and down the Inclined Plane, and now after extensive refurbishment, it shows not only how it all worked, but also brings to life what it was like to live and work on the canals and locks of the Victorian waterways.

Map of Foxton Locks

Map of foxton locks

Foxton Locks – home to two amazing engineering achievements

Foxton Locks features Grade II listed locks that lie on the Leicester Line of the historic Grand Union Canal. The locks are over 200 years old and demonstrate how canal engineers and waterways workers in the 19th Century solved the very big problem of allowing boats to go up a hill.

The 10 locks at Foxton Locks are actually the longest set of locks of their kind in the whole of Britain, and it takes about 45 minutes for travelling boats to make their way up the hill. On particularly busy days the lock can see as many as 40 boats take the trip up the hill.

What else is at Foxton Locks?

Alongside the locks there are little side ponds which serve to store reserves of water for the locks and prevent any wastage.

These ponds have become something of a haven for local wildlife, and anything from ducks and heron to water voles can be spotted within them.


At the bottom of the locks there is a charming canal-side shop as well as two pubs – Foxton Locks Inn and Bridge 61.

At the base of the locks is a canal-side shop and two pubs;Bridge 61 and Foxton Locks Inn.

The locks and surrounding area are open and accessible to the public all year round. The network of footpaths and towpaths provide ideal walking and cycling opportunities with a choice of many routes.