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Restaurants in Leicester

Thanks to it’s famous multi-cultural population, Leicester has a fantastic range of restaurants specialising in food from all over the world.

Whatever type of food you’re into – Italian, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, French or traditional British, you’ll find it in Leicester.

Learn more about all the different restaurants in Leicester below, and be sure to check out our latest deals and vouchers to save money on a great meal out…

Latest food and drink deals

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>>> Indian restaurants in Leicester

Vishal Restaurant Leicester
Leicester is well known for its wonderful array of Indian restaurants, and is a past winner of the Curry Capital of the UK award. Every kind of curry is available in Leicester, in restaurants located in the world-famous Golden Mile as well as the city centre and beyond.

Learn more about the great Indian restaurants in Leicester and keep up to date with the latest discounts, deals and special offers:

>>> Italian restaurants in Leicester

Altro Mondo restaurant Leicester

There is a great variety of different Italian restaurants in Leicester, from small family-run and independent establishments to larger, more well-known and established restaurants.

The best Italian food in Leicester is to be found in the numerous ‘hidden gems’ dotted about the city in locations you wouldn’t expect, but once you try them out they will quickly become your favourite Italian restaurant!

Find out all about them and keep up to date with the latest money-saving deals and discounts:

>>> Chinese restaurants in Leicester

The Peking Leicester

There’s loads of different options if you fancy a Chinese meal. We’ve put together a great list of all the best places in Leicester to get Chinese food, so take a look now and find your new favourite!

Take a look at the full list now and be sure to check out all the latest deals and discounts to save money on your next meal out in Leicester.

>>> Lebanese restaurants in Leicester

Cedars Lebanese Restaurant Leicester

Lebanese food is fast becoming a favourite throughout the UK, and in Leicester there’s no shortage of great Lebanese restaurants specialising in this distinct and flavoursome cuisine.

From a dedicate shawarma restaurant to more refined and complete Lebanese dining experiences, Leicester has it all. See our list of the best Lebanese restaurants in Leicester and get the latest deals and discounts now:

>>> Spanish restaurants in Leicester

Bar Dos Hermanos Leicester

Spanish food has always been a favourite for those looking for a special and vibrant dining experience, and Leicester has its fair share of great Spanish restaurants to choose from.

See our great list of all the best Spanish restaurants in Leicester and keep up to date with the latest offers, discounts and deals now:

>>> French restaurants in Leicester

Le Petit Rouge Leicester

Leicester has a great selection of specialist French restaurants which each bring their own distinctive character to the city. Obviously they’re all effortlessly elegant and decadent and all offer food of the very highest quality.

See our list of the best French restaurants in Leicester and find the latest and best deals, discounts and offers to help you save money on your next night out:

>>> British/traditional restaurants in Leicester

The Boot Room Leicester

You can’t beat a bit of good old fashioned British grub every now and then, and although Leicester tends to be more associated with food from around the world it still boasts an impressive amount of great traditional British food.

Take a look at our great list of the very best British and traditional restaurants in Leicester now and check out the latest deals and offers to make sure you save money on your next night out:

>>> World buffet restaurants in Leicester

Red Hot World Buffet Leicester

Sometimes only a world buffet featuring every type of food you can think of is the only thing that will satisfy your dining needs. Leicester boasts some great world buffets that offer everything, from state-of-the-art facilities to full-on live dining experiences.

View our round-up of the best world buffet restaurants in Leicester now and check for the latest deals and offers to help save you some money for your next buffet visit: